Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Yay..Today I went out with Joey and Tofu~Quite happy~We watched 《全城热恋热辣辣》and also took photos at the photo booth.Its quite expensive as it costs us RM6 each to get 10 litttle tiny stickers of ourselves.My purse is already yelling in pain.While waiting for Tofu we went to the bazaar street and have a window shopping.It was quite hot though.Funnily we almost mistaken another hot girl wearing black glasses as Tofu.Haha.She was the cool type of Tofu and when we saw the "real"Tofu we were like"Aha!That would be the real Tofu!"Lol..

                                           ->Joey and me in my car..I drove her there.^^

                                                 ->in the toilet while waiting for tofu..^^

                                                          ->snapped a cute shot XD

We went to "The Chocolate Lounge".It was quite cute.The chocolates were from Australia.Joey ordered a "spoon"shape milk chocholate.Haha.It was funny to see her eating the spoon chocholate with a metal spoon.Haha.We also ordered a chocolate milk with fire underneath the jug in a way that it could warm the milk.Having the small candle need extra chargers though.lol.Tofu ordered a shephard's pie.There's smash potato covered on the chicken.I have a almond chocholate cake.Not bad but too chocholate.XP

                                                        ->mug of chocholate:)

                                               ->my small chocholate cake..veri hard><

                                            ->RM6.90 each=.="Red rose" cute though..:P 

                              ->"redliscious kiss" RM7.50 each..how will it taste when u r

                                                     eating it..erm..kissing it?haha

                                                ->her spoon.hhaha :)

                                                  ->me and lovely tofu^^

                                                          ->joey using her chocholate spoon drinking the mug of chocholate

《全城热恋热辣辣》is ok only.I didn't dislike it nor like it.I like to watch those lengzai lenglui inside the movie like da S and Angelababy.Haha.In the whole movie,everyone's face was like veri super oily coz the in the show the weather was terribly hot.haha.eww..After the show we went to take photos at the photo booth.^^We had also faked in front of the movie's posters,intimidating the actors..Haha.Its really funny.Haha :D

                                                  ->before the movie starts,in the cinema^^

                                                         ->snapping aimlessly in the toilet :P

                                                          ->haha..ugly face of mine..X)

We went to hav lunch at sakae sushi after that without tofu.She had to rush back to fetch her little brother to watch the tennis Malaysia Open.Haha We took a few pictures with the fake sakura at the curve before saying byebye.Joey went to cut her super long bangs that almost covered half of her face.

                                                        ->we are in Japan!!woohhoo!!haha

                                                     ->happy family^^

                                                ->she is pulling her shirt..kind of weird.XP

                                                   ->Yeah~I am taller..keke

                                                           ->2 lengluis..

                                            ->joey and my udon mee^^i kind of love this..haha

                                               ->my empura udon..^^

I went back to have dinner with my parents and then to one noodle shop to work for few hours,and to see them the last time.Haha.Today is my last day of working.After working we have a reali huge yee sang to lou,as it is already chap goh meh.No one would wana lousang after cny lah.haha So our manager just put all the remaining ingredients for lousang in the box.It was so high.Haha.They invited Kenny,our boss to lousang togeher also.But I think it would be more like our boss,Kenny treats us a yeesang,it probably is impossible to have it free right?Haha We have wad dan hor(hor fun and lou shu fan in it)for supper also.Haha When i was like leaving,I have little tears in my eyes.Haha..Nah..I have spent my time with you guys every day for two months,and suddenly we dunt have chance to work with each other already.aiz..miss u all..really..TT

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

weird conversation wif""..

haha..u all guess hu ali de bah..lol

Saturday, December 19, 2009


WALAU EH...... 去北京才一个星期,回来马来西亚后却觉得好像很多东西都不一样了... 当然啦,因为统考成绩在我玩得很开心的时候出炉了~ 讲真的,要不是北京的天气冷到我顶不顺的话,我是不会回来的,我很肯定我是不回来的了,没有什么大灾难的话,我是不会回来的!!! 哭~ 因为回来了之后就要面对现实的残酷阿~~~~ 第一,听说那个skyline拿十大wor *我一开电脑就去你的blog看,就看得这个不幸的消息* , 我却连自己的成绩是什么都不懂,不过暂时也不想懂,你们不要酱多事打电话给我,我会很怕的,因为昨天晚上我已经发恶梦了,我梦到我自己拿12个A = =, DENG, 我才拿十科, 会不会是暗中有玄机,实际上我才拿到2个A呢?@.@ 这次真的是完蛋了~~~ 而且这几天,我也会避免上msn, 以免一online就有人告诉我:“雪儿,我告诉你一个消息,你不要伤心过度,看开一点,成绩不是最重要的... blah blah blah”... 虽然我平时也是很少上msn的,可是还是以防万一比较好~~比较高兴的是,你们sakai好像是今天去玩吧,好啊好啊,去去去,玩得开心一点,这样这三天内我就不会遇到熟人,我就去我遥远的Hartamas打工,PERFECT!! 这样我就可以离现实越来越远~~

如果不是有人结婚生孩子,移民,火灾地震世界末日,就不要打给我了,我是讲真的。 I'M SERIOUS.



Cheh, 原来是自己上网查成绩的,所以没有人知道我的成绩是什么,之前真的是想太多了~ = = 我就心平气和的查了成绩,成绩还可以,和所付出的代价相比之下,真的没有什么好可惜的,也没有的好埋怨的,算是个好消息吧~~ ^^ 也好,不用担心那么多了,现在唯一烦恼的是就只有奖学金了。@.@ 有谁可以教教我呢,真的很烦一下~很多东西要去想~~ 要去选择~~~毕竟是自己的未来,就算想破头脑也要好好想清楚。到底是the road not taken 还是 the road taken by everyone 呢?哟...头痛。到底是新加坡还是香港leh。。 可以的话,我不要去酱近的新加坡,也不要去酱远的澳洲。。不要像北京那么冷的冬天~~ 你们会后悔的~ 再过几天,我就会把我在北京的照片放上来,你们就会知道冷不是一件好玩的事~



Friday, December 11, 2009

Live at KLIA Airport~~~

This is Joey. I'm using the KLIA internet service to open a new post. Everything is great. I'm wearing my new boots, nice clothes, not the winter type though. My gloves and scarf are placed in my bag, just in case I turn into ice sculpture in the new Beijing airport. Well, i'm so worried as I woke up sneezing and rubbing my nose just because of the cold morning. Hopefully everything will be okay. Wish me luck. From Joey.

Hugs and Kisses. XOXO.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Merry Christmas!!! * San Terri 节庆蛋糕* + 我的Su Su的照片 漂亮哦!!

大家大家注意,明天我就要飞去冰天雪地的北京了~~ 先预祝大家圣诞节快乐哦~~~!!送你们本店的节庆蛋糕吧,是不是很漂亮呢?不要傻啦, 哪里可以跟Secret Recipe比~~

RM50 Pocket Full of Miracles

RM45 Jingle Bell

哈哈,要预定的打给我哦~ 我认识的人*可能*有折扣~~

我的SU SU 的照片哦~~!!! 啊~~~~!!!! 现在我习惯叫她Su Su,结果我叫Su Su的时候,我的另一个缅甸朋友Winnie以为要弄真的Su Su就跑去冲热奶,哈哈~~ 工作期间开心的事很多,可是我不是很会表达啦,幸运遇到你们的话才慢慢说啦~~ XD 抱歉 Ah Su 的照片,一个是戴墨镜,一个是侧脸的, = =" 汗。。。 因为合照的照片在 Huai Pi 的相机里,还没有transfer,Ah Su 有Facebook的哦, 名字是Akaune Su~~ 因为大我很多年,她真得很像我的大姐姐,很关照我哦~ 吃Steamboat的时候,我不会敲螃蟹,她就帮我敲,结果把我的螃蟹肉打扁了 = =" 有东西吃就会拿给我吃,人真的好好,可惜啊,她一月就会回缅甸了,真的不知道没有她会怎么办~~ 有一天,我还跑去她的宿舍玩,成功侵入她的房间~~^^ Ah Su其实很叛逆哦,她想弄纹身,只是妈妈不给,所以一直叫我帮她买Tatoo Sticker,哈哈~ 她还拿一个男模特儿的照片,说要剪这个发型~~ 我的亲戚也很疼她~ 人缘很好噢~

可爱的Huai Pi~~明明才大我一年,就一直叫我小妹妹~ 哈~ 她的华文好好噢,一直跟我说奇怪的华文,哈哈

我和San Terri的工作人员去吃Steamboat的一天,我和TaTa的合照~` TaTa是在Midvalley Gardens分店打工的,我那天才认识她,可是她人好好,一下子就熟起来了,她会唱中文歌哦,她喜欢听"你是我的眼"和"Superwoman"哦~~~ 而且还唱得很好!!

好多人哦~~ 反正你们不认识也不会想要知道是谁,只是给你们看爽~~~

Thursday, November 19, 2009

pRoM NiTez~~^^

嘿嘿~期待已久的prom nite竟然就到了~wakaka~hehe~^^下午蓉蓉就到我家~载了他之后我们就直接去弄头发了~哈哈~













A Kuan 今天超白的哦~可是眼睛还是。。你在。。关着眼睛跟人家讲话时不礼貌的哦~”不是讲的。。哈哈~







A lOKE!不要理KinGKONg啦~看这边啦~



培思男朋友参加的cat walk比赛~他在披着垃圾袋坐在椅子上。。嘿嘿~当然赢了叻~一台手提电脑~要感谢你的培思到处拿我们的投票纸给你啦~哈哈~

sAkaI GENTLeMEn~~哈哈~





a LoKE 变小美女了哦~呵呵~
jun yi 胡端端就赢了prom king 叻~哈哈~还跟danny的女朋友在台上跳舞咯~
还有性感的表演~是好性感哦~wonder gurls 的nobody~*尖叫连篇ing*><