Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Yay..Today I went out with Joey and Tofu~Quite happy~We watched 《全城热恋热辣辣》and also took photos at the photo booth.Its quite expensive as it costs us RM6 each to get 10 litttle tiny stickers of ourselves.My purse is already yelling in pain.While waiting for Tofu we went to the bazaar street and have a window shopping.It was quite hot though.Funnily we almost mistaken another hot girl wearing black glasses as Tofu.Haha.She was the cool type of Tofu and when we saw the "real"Tofu we were like"Aha!That would be the real Tofu!"Lol..

                                           ->Joey and me in my car..I drove her there.^^

                                                 ->in the toilet while waiting for tofu..^^

                                                          ->snapped a cute shot XD

We went to "The Chocolate Lounge".It was quite cute.The chocolates were from Australia.Joey ordered a "spoon"shape milk chocholate.Haha.It was funny to see her eating the spoon chocholate with a metal spoon.Haha.We also ordered a chocolate milk with fire underneath the jug in a way that it could warm the milk.Having the small candle need extra chargers though.lol.Tofu ordered a shephard's pie.There's smash potato covered on the chicken.I have a almond chocholate cake.Not bad but too chocholate.XP

                                                        ->mug of chocholate:)

                                               ->my small chocholate cake..veri hard><

                                            ->RM6.90 each=.="Red rose" cute though..:P 

                              ->"redliscious kiss" RM7.50 each..how will it taste when u r

                                                     eating it..erm..kissing it?haha

                                                ->her spoon.hhaha :)

                                                  ->me and lovely tofu^^

                                                          ->joey using her chocholate spoon drinking the mug of chocholate

《全城热恋热辣辣》is ok only.I didn't dislike it nor like it.I like to watch those lengzai lenglui inside the movie like da S and Angelababy.Haha.In the whole movie,everyone's face was like veri super oily coz the in the show the weather was terribly hot.haha.eww..After the show we went to take photos at the photo booth.^^We had also faked in front of the movie's posters,intimidating the actors..Haha.Its really funny.Haha :D

                                                  ->before the movie starts,in the cinema^^

                                                         ->snapping aimlessly in the toilet :P

                                                          ->haha..ugly face of mine..X)

We went to hav lunch at sakae sushi after that without tofu.She had to rush back to fetch her little brother to watch the tennis Malaysia Open.Haha We took a few pictures with the fake sakura at the curve before saying byebye.Joey went to cut her super long bangs that almost covered half of her face.

                                                        ->we are in Japan!!woohhoo!!haha

                                                     ->happy family^^

                                                ->she is pulling her shirt..kind of weird.XP

                                                   ->Yeah~I am taller..keke

                                                           ->2 lengluis..

                                            ->joey and my udon mee^^i kind of love this..haha

                                               ->my empura udon..^^

I went back to have dinner with my parents and then to one noodle shop to work for few hours,and to see them the last time.Haha.Today is my last day of working.After working we have a reali huge yee sang to lou,as it is already chap goh meh.No one would wana lousang after cny lah.haha So our manager just put all the remaining ingredients for lousang in the box.It was so high.Haha.They invited Kenny,our boss to lousang togeher also.But I think it would be more like our boss,Kenny treats us a yeesang,it probably is impossible to have it free right?Haha We have wad dan hor(hor fun and lou shu fan in it)for supper also.Haha When i was like leaving,I have little tears in my eyes.Haha..Nah..I have spent my time with you guys every day for two months,and suddenly we dunt have chance to work with each other already.aiz..miss u all..really..TT

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